Before getting into the tips themselves, let’s go back to the basics:

What is usability testing?

Usability testing is a method of testing the functionality of a website, app, or other digital product by observing real users as they attempt to complete tasks on it. The users are usually observed by researchers working for a business. Mainly, usability testing is all about observing real people interacting with your product.

Why is usability testing important?

Usability testing is done by real-life users, who are likely to reveal issues that people familiar with a website can no longer identify. …

As a fan of the amazing YouTube channel AJ&Smart with great videos on Sprints, Design Thinking and processes, Product Design, tips, and reviews on Design books and tools, I was really looking forward to getting my hands on their new book: The Workshopper Playbook. It comes with the promise that it will teach you the framework for running any type of workshop.

First, let’s set the stage with an explanation for the innovative term: workshopper. A workshopper or workshop facilitator is a person armed with the skills of leading a team through a set of exercises with the goal of…

Foreo application paired with the masks and the UFO device
Foreo application paired with the masks and the UFO device

FOREO stands at the forefront of the beauty-tech revolution. The company has established a reputation for disrupting beauty world conventions and promises to offer a new standard of beauty and wellbeing solutions by packing high-end technologies into handheld at-home devices, making professional-level skincare accessible to everyone.

This article is a UX case study on their newest released device, Foreo UFO which is a 90-second smart alternative to the classic sheet masks.

The promise: The device’s promise is to convert a usual 20-minute session into a quicker and much more effective 90 seconds treat. Not only to offer the benefits of…

Problem statement

Over the last few months, our lives have changed, and we are all trying to find our new normal as we navigate through these difficult times. It became clear how important it is to support not only each other, but also the heart of our communities — our local businesses. By making conscious decisions to support local entrepreneurs, we are embracing our local economies and empowering our cities, our neighbours and ourselves to grow and thrive. In the age of global economic, political and social instability, buying locally matters, because it keeps wealth and jobs flowing within the community.


Gather meaningful insights, create better experiences

Cover article
Cover article

According to Don Norman, the human-centered design process starts with a good understanding of people and the needs that the design is intended to meet. The field of user experience has a wide range of research methods available and one of the most common of them is user interviews.

User interviews are a great way to extract information from users, to gather and define their needs and, at later stages, to identify any usability issues. User researchers conduct interviews in the early stages of the design and development process, when their ideas or problems need further exploration or need insights…

User research helps place people at the centre of your design process and your products. It is a great source of inspiration for your design but also a great unit of measurement to evaluate your impact. The fundamental reason for performing user research is to understand your target users. Only by understanding the people who are going to use your product you can create designs that are relevant for them. A design that is not relevant to its target audience will never be successful.

“Empathy is at the heart of design. Without the understanding of what others see, feel, and…

The Internet makes the world a smaller place. You can make money or gain users outside of your demographic with a digital product or service easier than a physical business. But, is selling the exact same design of the product or service in each and every country a smart approach?

Considering the importance that culture has in our everyday lives, the answer is a resounding ‘NO’. If a business plans to expand globally, first they have to understand every market; to get to know and respect their culture and regulations. …

Looking back a few months ago at the predictions of the biggest trends in User Experience Design for 2020, we can see one of them taking the stage due to the unprecedented times we live in.

“The State of UX in 2020” report by the UX Collective started by presenting “Designing for the post-truth era” as a movement to which more companies will adhere to, in the new decade, by focusing their efforts on designing for transparency and encouraging critical thinking from their users.

The problem

The dissemination of information online is not a structured process. Facts and mistruths are circulated online…

With the beginning of a new school year in mind, I have curated a list of the top three all-time classic books that should be on the reading list of any new or aspiring UX designer. These are impactful and fundamental readings that come in a fun and pleasant format while covering all the basics of UX, human-computer interaction, and web usability you need to know.

Even though the field of UX is creative and ever-changing, always welcoming fresh ideas, there are some fundamental principles that everybody should understand and consider while designing. These essential points of advice for making…

No matter how much we strive for a cashless society, it hasn’t arrived just yet. It’s easy to assume that with all the debit and credit cards, cryptocurrencies and electronic-payment systems that are out there, physical cash will be in the future as eight-track cassette recorders are nowadays.

However, the prospect of a cashless society is not seen universally in positive terms. No matter how popular digital payments are, billions of people still rely on cash. That’s why the ATM machines remain an important, fundamental service to people and they will not go extinct any time soon.

The closure of…

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